When it comes to great home security, having updated technology is one of the keys to being safe in your house, whether you’re there or not. Flaws are constantly being exposed in existing alarm system technology, and advances are always coming on the market to provide more flexibility and better protection.

The best way to make sure you have the latest and greatest is to keep an ongoing list of tech improvements and match the best and most important to your needs.

Do you need and have wireless security that will work without a phone line and still function if a wired connection is severed by a burglar within your home? These systems use radio signals to help protect your home, and they represent one of the most important advances in alarm system technology in the last half-decade.

Flexibility is another important feature of many technology advances. You should at least have the option to use mobile apps that are integrated into a home automation system, allowing you to adjust thermostats, turn lights on or off, and lock and unlock doors from a mobile device.

Motion detectors and surveillance cameras provide an extra layers of protection as well. These systems can ignore pet movement to keep from generating false alarms, and the latest versions include infrared technology to identify intruders. They also come with the ability to take photos and video.

Many alarm systems with this capability allow you to use custom devices that can be tailored to your needs, and the ability to use email, phone and live chat should be a mandatory part of any system. You should have the ability to change and update these devices as needed, or continue to use whichever ones work for you.

Finally, the ability to use fingerprint idea is a growing trend that’s making its way into alarm systems. This form of identification can be used to verify anyone entering your home when you’re not there, and it also applies to using remote devices to access the alarm system and the features it provides.

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