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Do you already have an alarm system in your home, and just need monitoring? We save you as much money as we can by utilizing the system you already have in place. If compatible, our licensed technicians will simply reprogram or activate your system for monitoring, with no trip charge. Whether your system is compatible or not, your monthly rate is still just $14.99 with no contract!

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We carry additional equipment such as: Panic Buttons, Wireless Glass Breakage Sensor, Night Vision Cameras and more. Enter your information below and let's get started.

Additional Security Equipment for Existing System

If you want to upgrade your system, or if your security system is no longer up to current codes we will offer you several options and you decide what is best for your budget.

Image of Qolsys IQ Panel
Qolsys IQ Panel

With a 7” touchscreen, six communication radios and a built in camera that can send disarm photos to your phone. Running on Google’s Android, the IQ Panel is intuitive and easy to use for dealers and end users.

Image of Control Panel
Control Panel

With this color touchscreen keypad, you can control and manage your home’s alarm functions as well as lighting and HVAC appliances. Severe weather alerts also show up on the screen.

Image of Panic Button
Panic Button

This emergency contact device allows you to summon local emergency first responders in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston or San Antonio easily.

Image of Keychain Controller
Keychain Controller

The keychain controller is great for arming and disarming your alarm system upon exiting or entering your property. You can even program a panic alert right on this device so that you can activate your alarm remotely.

Image of Superswitch Takeover Module
Superswitch Takeover Module

This module allows All Star Security to convert your existing security system into your new All Star Smart Home Security System. Upgrade your older system to full home automation now!

Image of Vanishing Wireless Sensors
Vanishing Wireless Sensors

These “minimal” devices trigger on door or window contact are designed for aesthetics and are placed on the frame of a door or window of your choice.

Image of Recessed Wireless Door Sensor
Recessed Wireless Door Sensor

The recessed door contact is a flexible supervised door contact. It communicates with the Control Panel using a 345 MHz wireless frequency. It also allows a multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter within a door or window frame.

Image of Image Sensor
Image Sensor

Whenever the image sensor is activated, your smart home security system can send out a text or email message alert with a snapshot picture of the area. The infra-red illumination allows night pictures, and the sensor is pet friendly.

Image of Wireless Motion Detector
Wireless Motion Detector

In addition to sensing motion, our smart home security system sensors detect body heat. Have a pet? These motion detectors are pet-friendly, even for heavier pets.

Image of Wireless  Glass Breakage Sensor
Wireless Glass Breakage Sensor

Our glass breakage sensors are activated by the sound of broken glass. With enhanced dual-shatter recognition technology, the chance of a false alarm is reduced significantly.

Image of WaterBug® Water Sensor
WaterBug® Water Sensor

In the event of a water leak in your home, our Water solution detects the leak and immediately sends an alert to your smart phone so you can take action and prevent damage. It can even shut off your water supply automatically.

Image of Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera
Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera

Using this impressive surveillance camera, you can view your property and remotely from the web or a smartphone. You can even move the lens up/down, and left/right to get a better look around your house while you’re away.

Image of Indoor Wireless Night Vision Camera
Indoor Wireless Night Vision Camera

Even at night, this high-resolution indoor camera allows remote viewability via your wireless connection. These cameras are easy to add to your Smart Home Automation system.

Image of Outdoor Wireless Night Vision Camera
Outdoor Wireless Night Vision Camera

Designed for outdoor placement with a wireless connection, these high-resolution, night-vision, weatherproof cameras integrate seamlessly into the Smart Home Extra system

Image of Skybell

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Image of Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Opener

This device allows you to automatically close your garage doors when you arm your security system, and be notified via text and/or email if the doors are opened. Have peace of mind that your home is protected while you are away.