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Modern technology has evolved considerably over the years so it’s possible to get sophisticated San Antonio security installations on your property. These systems can act as deterrents, keeping criminal elements at bay. Property owners can now install complex setups that detect intrusion in different ways, which means the systems can’t be tricked easily. At All Star Security, we offer some of the best solutions to both residential as well as commercial clients.

Do You Need Home Alarm Systems in San Antonio?

San Antonio is a popular, vibrant city with a rich heritage and large population. Unfortunately, it also has an above average crime rate of about 15 break-ins a day so installing good systems can keep you safer. Most residents have some form of alarm or deterrent installed so not adding one to your property can make it an easier target.

As one of the best San Antonio security companies, we can help. Our expert will evaluate an entire building during initial free consultation before providing honest advice on suitable solutions. Unlike many other companies, our experts prioritize customer satisfaction over profit so you can have a good setup without breaking the bank.

Best Wireless Business and Home Security San Antonio

Wireless, self-contained systems have good performance records in real-life situations. There’s no opportunity to cut cords for disabling alarms, which means these installations aren’t very easy to bypass. All alarms are monitored by an efficient station that alerts authorities promptly and silently.

Quick response is essential in these circumstances, and we make sure no alarms go unattended. No matter when an alarm rings, our sophisticated set-up will evaluate the situation before taking action within seconds of a breach.

All set-ups and security cameras in San Antonio are manufactured by well-established brands like 2GIG, Honeywell, GE, DSC, etc. These devices have proven their efficiency in real-life conditions, which is why they’re a good option for different kinds of properties.

Levels of San Antonio Security Systems Services Provided

Different clients have different requirements, which is why we provide varied solutions. Security systems can be customized according to your requirements based on location, size of the property, access points, etc. During a consultation, our expert takes note of these factors along with any existing installations you might have. They will suggest one of three possible customizable options, which include:

  • Smart Home Alarm Systems San AntonioSmart setups are very versatile and convenient, which makes them a great choice for modern home and businesses. It’s easy to incorporate home automation so you can control essential aspects of your property remotely. For example, this system includes optional controls for thermostats, fire alarms, theft detection, motion sensors, etc. The home device is self-contained with substantial battery backup; your home will be safe even if there’s power outage.
  • Standard SystemThis includes a basic security setup that works reliably under all circumstances. You can get a wireless upgrade as part of this feature-rich kit along with many other benefits. This installation includes everything from keypads to window decals that forewarn people the property is secure.
  • Existing System Our team can work with an existing installation so you needn’t spend money on a new one unless the current setup is too damaged or outdated. Our licensed technician can reprogram old security systems in San Antonio to work with the latest monitoring technology. We can also make additions for better performance at a reasonable cost.

These options are customizable so you can add another device like a camera or motion sensors to a basic installation to get more personalized security. Our expert can offer advice on these additions or upgrades so you don’t spend money needlessly.

San Antonio Security Camera Installations

Security cameras are an important aspect of most modern systems. They don’t just capture criminal activity and keep an eye on movement but also act as a deterrent. Criminals will hesitate to enter a building with visual surveillance, which is why most alarm companies in San Antonio recommend installing these devices.

We have installed cameras for several years now and that’s why our experts are familiar with different brands as well as device types available today. They offer advice on HD, analog, smart IP, as well as network cameras. An expert will examine your property thoroughly for identifying weak points that can be used to gain access. They will then recommend a suitable network, including the number of cameras, software, hardware, monitoring plans, additional security, etc.

San Antonio Residential and Commercial Security Systems

Requirements of residential and commercial properties vary, which is why we always develop custom plans based on client requirements. For example, some businesses require access control systems and higher level security in certain areas of a property. This setup is different for such installations because they need different components.

As one of the best security companies in San Antonio, we have worked with several commercial clients and are aware of their priorities. Every setup installed will include security, monitoring, fire safety, managed access, radio, as well a video surveillance. These can be accessed remotely through a computer or smartphone.

Residential installations are often less complex, though we make sure they’re effective. All bugler alarms are reliable and connected to an efficient monitoring station that keeps an eye on things 24/7. Smart home automation lets clients arm/disarm with simple clicks, get notifications through text or mail, check event history, and watch activity within the property live.

All of these services are offered at nearly half the cost of competitors. We’re a veteran-owned local business with a trained, certified team of technicians. If you’re looking for someone reliable to make your home or workplace safe, our company is a good choice. Established more than ten years ago, we have grown to become one of the most trustworthy names in this industry with A+ ratings on Better Business Bureau as well as five-star ratings on Google and Yelp.

For more information about our home security systems San Antonio, contact All Star Security today. You can contact us for a free consultation or call at (800) 577-0151

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