Within the home security industry, any expert will tell you that no system is foolproof. Given enough time and resources, sophisticated burglars can exploit weaknesses in any system and take advantage of them to gain access.

One of the keys to prevent this from happening is regular security audits by your security company. These audits help find flaws and weaknesses before burglars do, allowing you and your family to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to home or business protection.

To perform this kind of audit, your security company should perform several critical procedures. One is a general survey of the system. Doors should be secure and impenetrable, and reinforced appropriately if they’re not. Motion sensors should be inventoried for blind spots, and smoke detector coverage should be complete throughout the home. Cameras should also be checked for blind spots and repositioned if necessary. And fingerprinting capability can be added at the door and to control devices to provide yet another layers of protection.

Another critical part of the audit is the time delay between entry by a burglar and the control panel alerting a call center or generating an alarm. If it’s much more than ten seconds, it gives thieves time to destroy the panel.

This part of the audit should generate yet another potential solution – either placing the main control panel in a less accessible part of the home, so that thieves have to take the time to find it, or separate the main panel from the control panel.

This also helps with the problem of having the wireless antenna, which is located within the control panel, from being destroyed shortly after a break-in.

These are just two examples of the kinds of procedures that should be part and parcel of any security audit. Other procedures include password security maintenance, locating alarms away from windows and doors, and thorough training for installation and security personnel.

If your home or business security company isn’t conducting this kind of audit, perhaps you should consider hiring a new one that does. After all, the price you pay could be your assets, the safety of your home and family and in extreme cases even your life.

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