According to 2017 statistics from the Austin Police department, there seems to be a rise in residential burglaries in and around Austin. These figures tend to rise during the summer months when many families are away from home on vacation travel or even ferrying their children around for various summer activities. This makes their homes more vulnerable to burglaries and thefts.

One of the best ways to have some peace of mind is to consider installing a home security system. Today there are thousands of different options on the market. With such a wide variety of products to choose from, it can become a little confusing to determine which ones would work best for your requirements.

Just having CCTV cameras installed your property, cannot provide you the high levels of security you need. This is where smart home security systems and professional security monitoring services like the ones that we provide, come into the picture.

Why Opt For Professional Security Monitoring?

We at All Star Security recommend that you consider professional security monitoring because:

  • Even when you have a smart Security System in your home, it is impossible for you to catch every single alert. There could be times when you are sleeping, traveling on an airplane, or even busy in an important meeting. If there is a break in on your property, you will receive an alert. However, what happens if you miss it? When you opt for professional security monitoring services, the company takes over the responsibility, of providing 24/7 survey the services. They monitor the systems and will act accordingly in case a break-in
  • There are several situations in which, you may not be able to respond to every single alert even if you catch it. Sometimes, standalone devices aren’t able to recognize activities that are quite harmless such as a caretaker entering your home etc. This makes investigating alerts for potential suspicious activities very challenging. If you are in another country and receive an alert, it is impossible for you to dial 911 to get help from local law enforcement in Austin. While smartphone alerts from your home security system, are good to have, it’s far better to opt for professional security monitoring services as well.

Top Quality Residential Alarm Systems

When you opt for professional security services such as the ones at companies like offer, you have peace of mind that highly trained and committed security personnel are on call to respond to any alerts from your home. In case they notice any suspicious activity, they will not delay in alerting the local police department or the fire department. While these systems are state-of-art and provide very high levels of security for your home, it is important to hire the services of professionals to handle the installation and setup for you.

When you opt for companies like All Star Security for your home security needs, you are assured if the best products and top quality installations. For more information on our products and services, feel free to call us at 512-577-5052. Alternatively, send us your request for a free consultation via this Online Form.

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